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Unlock the Mysteries of The Bible Series - Proverbs 23 29-35 - Beelzebub's Brew

Posted on September 2, 2018

What does God have to say about alcohol?  In this message, we will discover what the Bible says to questions like:

1.  Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine?

2.  Isn’t wine served at the Lord’s supper?

3.  Isn’t this the drink of social ability and so forth?

4.  Is the alcohol of Bible times different from what people consume today?

5.  Christians overseas and in Europe drink wine, so why should we as Christians in America not drink wine?

6.  Doesn’t the Bible say to drink wine for thy stomachs sake and often infirmities and so forth?

7.  Doesn’t the Bible say wine makes glad the heart of man?

8.  And after all isn’t it alright to drink and isn’t moderation really the answer?